Before our Company was born, we were convinced about the need to find a name aligned with our principles and values. And, without a doubt, XANA was the ideal one.

The Xana is a Celtic mythological being from the Principality of Asturias, a lovely coasted region on the northwest border of Iberia.

The Xana is a fairy of extreme beauty who lives in pure, crystalline, and living waters, such as streams or waterfalls. She has been historically linked to natural landscapes, and wonderful surroundings that convey peace and tranquillity, exactly what Asturias is all about.

This description also fits perfectly with the Swiss environment, a country full of landscapes like the ones mentioned above, such as the Alps, the Swiss National Park, the lakes of the Four Cantons, and so on.

Xana is seeking to transform the planet into a better place with an emphasis to boost the health of humans as well as improve the welfare of the other inhabitants on, taking care of Mother Nature.

Moreover, Xana, a beautiful Swiss St. Bernard female, is the mascot of our company.

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