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As soon as we had the opportunity, we did not hesitate to set up XANA in Switzerland. After all, there are countless advantages and opportunities to locate our company in the most innovative country in the world. Here are the twelve most important reasons why we are here:

Location? The canton of Vaud

We are here because this is Switzerland’s leading research and innovation centre and is one of the wealthiest regions in the world. Science and industry work hand in hand thanks to the presence of globally renowned universities, research centres and companies, providing entrepreneurs with endless possibilities for innovation.

World leader in innovation and research

It was very important for us to see that numerous recent studies endorse this characteristic, placing Switzerland at the forefront of innovation and research, ahead of major world powers. The study “Bloomberg Innovation Index” published in February 2021 by the business magazine Bloomberg, ranks Switzerland as the third most innovative country in the world, and the first if we focus solely on Europe, based on factors such as research and development spending, manufacturing capacity and the concentration of high-tech companies. Another renowned study, “The Global Innovation Index” (GII 2021) has placed Switzerland at the world head of innovation since 2011, excelling in areas such as human resources, research, infrastructure and market and business sophistication among others.

Important innovations in technology and health start-ups 

With a unique ecosystem of Start-ups, multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer, Roche, Novartis or Abbott, and major research institutes, we realized that the Basel Business & Innovation Area is continually expanding its network of digital health innovators. “Switzerland is in a way like a great laboratory.” Seeing words like these, and observing the close relationship and collaboration that exists between industry and academia, we saw that this relationship is extremely beneficial for research and to present very valuable studies.

Outright leader in the world heatlhcare innovation index

This is vital for us. For the second year in a row, the Swiss healthcare system leads the WIHI ranking ahead of world powers such as The Netherlands (2nd place) or Germany (3rd). In this ranking, the Swiss health system is very well positioned in all indicators, but stands out especially in the ‘Quality’ section, thanks to its great infrastructure; and in ‘Science & Technology’. In the latter area, it should be noted that Switzerland invests more than double in research than any other EU country, which is immensely important to us.

The importance of the Swiss Label

At Xana, we consider it fundamental and of great value to have the Swiss label, a symbol that fosters values ​​of trust such as the quality, assurance, reliability or strength of our product.

Country in line with company values

Another essential element for us. At Xana, we consider the conservation of the environment and nature to be very important, and Switzerland protects immensely. In addition, this is the only country in the world which protects animal dignity at a constitutional level.

First category educational system

Switzerland is renowned for being TOP in Europe in terms of education. This is due to their desire to combine direct studies and practical studies, providing a highly qualified and experienced workforce, a factor of great importance to us. In this sector, it is worth highlighting the presence of world-leading universities in innovation and science, such as the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne or the ETH of Zurich.

Global hub in the pharmaceutical industry

As an industry player, the fact that Switzerland is a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry is extremely significant for us. In addition, some of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the world, such as Novartis and Roche are based here. As a highly specialized production site for pharmaceuticals, Switzerland enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation. What is more, highly qualified researchers and pharmaceutical professionals from leading international universities play an important role in the development of new medicines.

Vast source of international talents

Switzerland is very successful in attracting and retaining a highly skilled workforce from around the world. In fact, Switzerland was the 2017 leader in the IMD World Talent Ranking, thanks to this previously mentioned factor.

A very strong economy

Thanks to the stability of its currency, the Swiss franc, it offers a strong economy and a globally competitive business community. In addition, Switzerland’s free market economic policy and its neutral international stance make it a very stable country in the face of crises.

Its great geographical location

This factor should also be noted. Switzerland is situated in an unbeatable location, in the heart of Europe, surrounded by three of the major economies in the EURO zone: Germany, Italy and France. In addition, this great location gives you full and direct access to the central European market, a factor of great importance.

The iconic Saint Bernard: Last but not least

Xana’s mascot is a beautiful female St. Bernard. This dog breed has become one of Switzerland’s most iconic ambassadors. According to the breed’s official motto, the St Bernard embodies dignity, devotion and sacrifice.