XANA© is a neurotechnology company that develops non-invasive neurostimulation systems to improve health and performance.

We are game-changers in restoring abnormal functioning of the Nervous System by creating electrical, mechanical, and ultrasound stimulators to modulate the activity of different peripheral nerves.

We take advantage of all the potential of digital technologies to monitor the physical conditions of patients and personalize the treatments, allowing both clinicians and patients the obtention of data to ensure the efficacy of the therapy.

Anormal neuronal electrical signals are present in a wide range of disorders including anxiety and mood disorders, chronic pain, cardiological diseases, memory impairment and aging-related neurodegeneration, hearing loss, and/or tinnitus, among many others.

The current pharmacological treatment doesn’t work as well and is safe as desired. On the other hand, existing medical devices to measure and stimulate brain activity are emerging as tremendously powerful therapeutic tools that could revolutionize the treatment of brain diseases.

Unfortunately, existing devices to modulate brain activity by stimulation have serious handicaps. Invasiveness, low usability because of limited miniaturization, and the lack of personalization of the treatments hamper the adequate clinical effect and render these solutions unattractive for clinicians and patients.

XANA© has demonstrated the capacity to change the today’s state-of-the-art microelectronics and microfabrication to create wireless neuro-devices with high levels of miniaturization, multi-site sensor/stimulator arrays and low power consumption, leading to lower risk, shorter recovery times, and better patient acceptance.