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We are a Swiss Neuro Technology firm that creates non-invasive neurostimulation smart solutions to improve current therapies and neurostimulation approaches.

We bring neurostimulation closer to people

Xana technology combines pioneering therapeutic efficacy, monitoring capabilities and information management to maximize user experience and tailor treatments to confidently face the challenges that Health and Wellness will generate in the coming decade.

A new generation of clinically validated mobile devices, each with its own study, to be used anywhere and at any time.

Foundational pillars

We create solid, realistic and scalable
business models in a variety of wellness and medical fields

other medical fields

Our first product to
market has already
been developed


Vagus Nerve
Smart System

custom earbud

Wireless earbud anatomically customized to each user includes miniaturized electronics to manage two electrodes and one biosensor. They are easily controlled by the native App that is connected to intelligent cloud systems ready to gather and organize all the data needed to customize each treatment.

Able to manage logo Bodus mechanisms of action

Mechanisms of action
Supported by an
experienced & specialized
team and advisory board
Miguel Lopez

Dr. Miguel López PhD
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Enrique Fernandez

Enrique Fernández
Chief Operating Officer

Pedro Bermejo

Dr. Pedro Bermejo MD, PhD
Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder

David Calvo

Dr. David Calvo MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer

Carolina Lopez

Carolina López
Head of Finance

Joaquin Azpilicueta

Dr.Joaquín Azpilicueta MD
Managing Director Switzerland

Alberto Farré

Alberto Farré Head of Electronics

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes Mechanical Engineer

Extensive scientific, clinical, technological and business development expertise in multinational universities, hospitals and corporations.

Iñaki G. Gurtubay

Dr. Iñaki G. Gurtubay
Head of Neurophysiology. University Hospital of Navarra (Spain)

Laura Marí Barrajón

Laura Marí Barrajón
Executive & Elite Professional Sport International Coach (Spain)

Jose Antonio Vega

Dr. José Antonio Vega
Professor of Anatomy. University of Oviedo (Spain)

Gonzalo París

Dr. Gonzalo París
GlaxoSmithKline Former VP & Scientific Director

Xana has accumulated the required skills and experience to create and execute a robust and scalable business strategy to maximize the potential of Neurostimulation

Skills and experience



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